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Love quotes for mother – TOLOVEQUOTES

No quote can describe the love of mom. But i really want to say you that i love you mom.

The Mom can give the right instructions to their children to live peaceful life, but the same mom can take weapon to protect their children in war.

No one can replace your place in my heart because you are the most important person of my life. Today i can see this beautiful nature only because of you. I love you mom.

mom is the only visible god whom i see everyday. I love you very much mom.

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Love quotes for your mom – TOLOVEQUOTES

Mother is the first teacher and first friend of your life. No one can be better then mother.

Mom is always there for you when no one is around you in bad time…..because The mom can’t see their children helpless in any situation.

I love you mom, i love you mom images, love quotes for my mom
I Love you mom – TOLOVEQUOTES

Mom is the only one person who knows our self more than us. she knows us 9 months more.

You have done all the duties as a mother. You have helped me to develop my personality but I will never be able to pay your debt. But I will always be careful to give you all the happiness in the world. I love you mom.

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Mom even though i never told you but i love you so much.

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Love quotes for mother

The safest place in the world for a baby is with her mother. No one in the world can protect that child as much as her mother. I love you mom.

Just as the end of the sky and the water of the sea cannot be measured, so is the love of mother infinite.

I’m very thankful and Happy to have you in my life.This full life is gifted by you. I love you mom.

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When you feel like nothing going right with you….see your mom and talk with her…you seem that you have the best philosopher, the best motivator, the best friend.

You are the best mom in the world. In this fake world only you are the person who loves me without any expectations.

You are always inspiring me. Everything I am today is only because of you. I will never be able to pay your debt.You have fulfilled every duty as a parents. I love you very much mom.

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There is only one person in the world who loves us unselfishly and she is our mother.

Thank you so much for showing me this beautiful and colorful world. I love you mom.

Mom is only one women who never stop to Love you, never stop to Protect you, never stop to Teach you , never stop to Understand you.

Mom how can i explain your Love, your Kindness, your Warm hug…i can just Feel this Feeling….Thank you so much mom.

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Mom can give you little hit beat but there is so much love in her small hit.

When Mom is with you there is no reason to worry about your task….because all the burden will take your Mom before you…and she protects you always.

The Mom is the god who never ignore your trouble, never ignore your words, never ignore your worry, never ignore your feelings.

The Mom has the infinity powers to maintain the whole family, to love everyone, to protect their children, to give good path to their children.

Heart of the Mom is always beats for her children even when their children are far away from her.

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